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When I’m writing a new book or short story I generally make at least the first part free on this site. Some are for kids (usually age 10+) and some are for unkids.

After the books are published they vanish from the site, but you’ll find links to where you can download them from Amazon, Apple’s App Store, etc.

Right now  you can read the first two chapters of Zombies Ate My Poodle, the story of a boy who has to rescue his parents from becoming a midnight snack for the zombies who are rampaging through town.

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Zombies Ate My Poodle: Zak is a typical 12-year old homeschooled kid who does street performing with his Mom and Dad.

One night he wakes up to find his parents missing and the empty skull of Jeffrey, the family poodle, on the kitchen table. Zombies have eaten his poodle’s brains and taken his parents for a snack later!

Now Zak must gather his weapons (juggling knives and torches, a bullwhip, etc.) and set off to find the zombies before the brains of his parents are eaten.

While battling the zombie army Zak discovers his parents are now the King and Queen of the zombies — it’s too late!

Isn’t it?

Not while Zak still has a breath in his body and a brain in his skull, it’s not!

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