Troupers: Weapons and Fighting Tactics

Every member of the Troupers is a trained fighter, but each one has a weapon or style all their own.


Fighting Style: Defensive, although he’s usually right in the think of things, not hanging back.

Main Weapon: One-handed broadsword (right hand). He also has a shield that he uses as an offensive weapon to smash people, objects, whatever gets in his way.

Special: Light ’em up! Coating (developed by Abby) on sword and shield. When he slaps the flat of his sword on the front of the shield it creates very loud cracking sound and makes very bright flash, almost like a small bolt of lightning. Used to temporarily blind opponents. One use then has to be recoated.



Fighting Style: Aggressive. Usually the first into a battle and one of the last to leave.

Main Weapon: Rapier for up-close and personal work, throwing daggers for reaching an opponent across the room. Often fights with the rapier in one hand and a dagger in the other.

Special: While all the Troupers have access to smoke bombs, Zibit finds uses for them more often than you’d think.



Fighting Style: Defensive, but not afraid to mix it up.

Main Weapon: While she wields a bullwhip with great skill, it’s not a weapon that does great damage. For that she relies on her hands and feet. She’s probably the deadliest Trouper when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

Special: Has learned the ability to transfer energy from one person (or creature) and give it to another. However, the more energy transferred, the more of a toll it takes on Ripley so she has to use the power carefully.

More to come later…

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