New Blurb for the Book

Every book needs a summary — the one on the back of a book (or inside front-cover for a hardback) is written by the publisher, but the one that goes out in a query letter to get the book sold is written by the author.

Here’s one I worked on tonight — let me know what you think about it.

Charlie may be just a teenager, but he’s old enough to know his new ability to fly has to be kept completely secret if he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life locked in a laboratory being prodded, poked, and probed (the Three P’s of abduction).

So when the creepy Mr. Smith discovers his secret and turns on the blackmail, Charlie doesn’t have any choice but to go along with the plans. Plans that include a multi-state crime wave where Bryan takes all the chances and Smith gets all the loot!

With Mr. Smith on one side and the FBI on the other, Charlie’s caught in a trap that will tear his whole family apart — unless he can carry out a scheme that will turn the tables on the evil Mr. Smith.

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