The Great Luhroo

Some of you may know one of my deep, dark, secrets — I play Dungeons and Dragons whenever I can. 🙂

The other day I was creating a new character for a game I was going to join and ended up with a Gnome thief named Luhroo. As I was playing around with his “background story” things just kind of snapped into place…

Luhroo travels around from town to town as an entertainer (known as The Great Luhroo) to keep a low-profile from people who don’t like adventurers and the kind of element they attract. He also takes advantage of his status to get into the homes and castles of rich folk — who have items he might need to “liberate.”

As I started thinking about the adventures Luhroo might have, I realized I was paralleling some of the ideas I’d had for Troupers and came to the conclusion that The Great Luhroo should be a figure that’s peripheral to the Troupers series and, in fact, will introduce the books with HIS story.

So look for The Adventures of The Great Luhroo sometime in the next few months. It’s going to be a blast!

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