Six years ago a military coup left the Kingdom under martial law and the rightful king in exile across the sea. Movement between provinces was prohibited, leaving resistance fighters struggling to communicate. Only licensed merchants and entertainers were given permission to move freely throughout the Kingdom.

A group working for the return of the King put together a traveling show that allows them to travel whenever and wherever they choose, performing for the people during the day and performing different kinds of deeds when the sun goes down.

Traveling and living in horse-drawn caravans are the following Troupers:

Marvin – Acting as owner of Marvin’s Marvels, he’s the emcee for the show. When it’s time to fight he swings a broadsword in one hand and uses his shield in the other for smashing anything that gets in his way.

Abby – She’s Marvin’s wife and plays the mandolin in the show and is the stage director. She doesn’t fight in battles (usually) but has encyclopedic knowledge of poisons and potions that can be whipped up in minutes.

Zibit – A dark elf who specializes in knife throwing and juggling. His skills come in handy after hours and he seems to have throwing knives in secret pockets everywhere. He also wields a rapier for in-your-face kind of fighting.

Trellyn – This elf sings, recites poetry, and reads passages from classic works. Behind the scenes, however, she’s likely to lighten stressful moments with poems of a more base nature. In a fight she prefers a longbow — along with a quiver of special arrows cooked up by Abby.

Alak & Poco – Identical twin halflings who perform magic as Alaco the Magnificent. Since the audience never knows there are two of them, they have built up a reputation as magnificent as the name. Off stage they are master thieves who can get in and out of almost anywhere and take anything. Alak fights with a small crossbow at a distance, while Poco uses dual short swords in an up-close and personal way.

Ripley – The troupe’s acrobat is a half-orc who spends most of her act swinging from bars above the stage. As a cleric for the group she’s focused on helping team members beat back whatever they happen to be battling at the moment. She’s a master with the bullwhip and hand-to-hand combat when the fighting gets close.

Together they travel from town to town, acting as “trouble shooters” for the resistance and helping wherever they’re needed.


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