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Make a Million with Your Own Ebook

A friend of mine in the UK sent me a link to an article that was published “over there” last fall. It’s got some great advice on self-publishing ebooks and even includes a sidebar written by the guy who was the first self-published author to sell a million ebooks on Amazon.

How you can make a million writing your own ebook

There are some people who firmly believe they’ll never be a “published author” unless a big publishing house buys their book and it’s sitting in a bookstore. That’s fine, but it’s “dinosaur” thinking.

In the olden days people bought their books at a bookstore. It was the only option, so going through a publisher made sense. But brick and mortar bookstores are dying. And with electronic publishing everybody can see your book — you don’t need to have a physical book sitting on a shelf waiting for someone to walk by.

Thanks for the link, Mark!