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First Draft, Second Draft, to Infinity…

Just recently I found a new website and I absolutely love the things this guy is saying.


He has written more than 90 novels and 100 short stories and has a lot of interesting things to say about self-publishing versus the traditional route.

One of the articles I just read this evening was about how many times you need to rewrite your story or novel before you send it out. He’s very opposed to getting feedback from other people on your work in progress, and rewrites in general. And he makes a very compelling case for why.

I’m a member of another forum online where a lot of writers hang out and I see so many people who are writing draft after draft after draft trying to get everything just perfect. They post part of their work online and ask for people to critique it. Folks come along and (in general) rip it to shreds. In a constructive way, of course.

And then the writer heads back to their desk to try again.

I’ve done the same thing because I thought that’s what “real” writers did.

Then this Dean fellow comes along and blows that myth out of the water.

I know some people will passionately disagree with him, but I think he makes a lot of sense. I do think getting some feedback is helpful at times, but for things where you slap your head and say, “Oh, I can’t believe I missed that!” — not for things that change the entire structure of your writing.

Here’s a link to the article where he talks about that, and be sure and read the comments afterwards. They are eye-opening as well.


Do you agree or disagree? Leave a comment here and let me know.