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Dungeon Cleaning Crew, LLC.

This is the story of four young people and what happens when their dreams take hold.

  • Daphne – Ranger Apprentice-in-training
  • Doris – Wizard Apprentice-in-training
  • Danny – Knight Apprentice-in-training
  • Pete – Janitor Apprentice-in-training

Friends since early childhood, the night before they graduate and assume their appointed roles they get together at a local pub to toast their upcoming new lives.

Late in the evening Pete tells of a dungeon his boss declined to clean because it was too dangerous for his janitorial crew. There are rumors of a great treasure hidden in the dungeon and Pete is convinced he and his friends should clear out the dungeon and find the treasure. Everybody else in the group has heard of other dungeons that are now unused because of monsters and decide to quit their apprenticeships and go into business for themselves.

Clear out dungeons and collect the treasures — how hard could it be?

Now open for business…

Dungeon Cleaning Crew, LLC.
No Dungeon Too Dangerous!