About J. A. Whye

Jaysface sm90I grew up in many places (mainly West Coast and South) but consider Alaska home. I dropped out of school after the 8th grade so I could perform full time (magic, clowning, juggling), then got my GED and in 1980 became a graduate of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College. I no longer perform, but enjoy juggling with my family (my wife and I met at a juggling club meeting in Seattle; our two teens juggle and ride unicycles).

After half a dozen years in radio, umpteen years as a computer programmer, and after dreaming about it for years, I’ve finally taken the jump into writing fiction, although I still program computer games (and have played around with creating board games).

I like to read many different genres, but fantasy is probably my first love. Which is why I started writing the Troupers series. (My Mom keeps asking why I don’t write something normal.)

I also enjoy middle-grade and young adult novels (I forgot to grow up?) and want to write a lot of adventure books for kids. As a kid I devoured the Happy Hollister books and then when I was a little older I devoured the Doc Savage books.

I typically sit in front of my computer way too much. I enjoy dog agility training (and my wife and I competed in it for a while in the olden days) and wish I’d do it more often. My son’s dog, Poco, wishes I’d do it more often, too.

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